RiDE review: 360 Fly 4K

Max resolution: 2880x2880 pixels @ 30fps
Weight: 172g
Size: 61mm sphere

What’s in the box? Power cradle, tilt mount, case

Battery: 1780mAh, fixed, 1.5-hour life

Angle of view: 360° horizontal, 240° vertical

Key features: 360° field of view, gyro stabilisation, up to 240fps (at 480p), GPS

Ease of use: One-button control or via a phone

Ease of mounting: Tripod screw thread and GoPro system adapter, but needs mount

Quality: Very good, vibrant colours, well-built. Sound Better than most, good bass and control of wind noise

Best for: Those looking for something different. Especially great for touring where viewers can look to the sides, behind and even above as well as ahead. It gives footage a completely new and interactive experience. Sometimes it can all feel a bit too much, though.

A lovely piece of kit, easy to use and well-made. Computer editing is easy to use and there are no memory cards to worry about. Quality is great, but it takes some time to find the best place to mount it – the lower the better to make the most of the 360° camera. Slight worries about the safety of the large lens on a bike, but it’s a lot of fun being able to navigate around people’s footage.

Price: £599


Accessories: 7/10
Features: 8/10
Ease of use: 10/10
Ease of mounting: 7/10 
Quality: 9/10 
Sound: 8/10

Total: 49/60