Boot review: Spada Predator Sports

Spada Predator Sports boots, £89.99 
Miles covered/time:
700 miles/one month

What’s good? Good solid boots with armour that are brilliantly waterproof. Completely and utterly, ‘no-water-is-getting-in’-waterproof. Perfect.

They seem to be designed to look like a killer whale, which I like. The price is excellent.

What’s not? The cuff is quite small so it can be a struggle to get it to fully close over the top of jeans (if that’s the way you roll). On the first pair of these I had the zip disintegrated the first time I tried to do the boots up.

They were replaced free of charge. The right boot feels like it is half a size smaller than the left. The mounting for the toesliders neither looks nor feels very sturdy. For eighty quid I will cut them some slack.

Rating: 2/5