Product Review: Dr Martens Garrick boots

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Dr Martens Garrick boots £359.99

Tester: Simon Brown

Time tested: Two months/1500 miles

What’s good? People have been wearing old-style Doc Martens on bikes for years – I’ve done many a mile in assorted eight-hole Docs over the years – and now the firm have come up with dedicated motorcycle boots. The idea is that they bring traditional styling cues to the bike market -and that’s true to an extent: the soles are reassuringly ribbed on the sides, they bounce nicely when you walk and inside you’ll find the AirWair tabs that you normally find on the back of DM boots. So far, so good. They are also nicely made with a solid feel, quality leather, D30 armour, plush lining and waterproofing. I’m only a couple of months in, but they give the impression they’ll last for years.

What’s not? I’ve been wearing Docs for decades and for me these feel like a bit of a branding exercise, which isn’t quite faithful enough to the original. Where is the yellow stitching on the sole? And the sole itself isn’t the same colour as the any of the Docs I’ve been wearing since I was a teenager, while those AirWair tabs ought to be on the outside, not the inside. They are pretty clumpy, too. The gearchange on my Kawasaki ER-6f is set high but I’ve struggled on other machines – most notably a Norton Commando, where I was unable to hook the whole boot under the lever so I ended up using my toe rather than the re-enforced gearchange pad. You’ll also need to make sure you wear thicker socks for a snug fit. And then there’s the price, as there are plenty of similar options for less cash, for example Altberg’s traditional-style and high-spec Roadrunner boots are more than £100 cheaper.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor