RiDE review: Falco Eso Lx boots

Full marks from the CE tests and a rigid ankle articulation brace that could make a real difference in a crash. Plastic is everywhere, which helps the abrasion score.

Inside all that plastic the leather feels as good as any, the sole is sturdy and the toe sliders metal. Fit is really snug and they feel very safe. There’s a separate inner bootie that has D30 ankle armour. 

Getting them on can be a faff, and they feel too rigid sometimes in the cold. The plastic looks old very quickly. 

Buy Falco Eso Lx boots here.

Falco Eso Lx boots

Price: £199.99

CE tested? Yes

Cut: 2

Abrasion: 2

Rigidity: 2

Construction: 9/10

Protection: 9/10

On the bike: 9/10

Off the bike: 8/10

Total: 35/40