RiDE review: TCX S-Speed GTX boots

These are a firm pair of boots that took some time to bed in but are now comfortable on and off the bike. Built for a narrow foot, the quality is superb and a lot better than their price suggests.  

Inside there’s padding similar to other TCX boots. Outside, a simple yet effective ankle twist restrictor offers serious protection. The shin armour is slender so they fit nicely under jeans.

A ventilated, non-waterproof version is also available, priced at £20 less.


Buy TCX S-Speed GTX boots here.

TCX S-Speed GTX boots


Price: £159.99

CE tested? Yes

Cut: 2

Abrasion: 2

Rigidity: 1


Construction: 9/10

Protection: 8/10

On the bike: 8/10

Off the bike: 8/10

Total: 33/40