Product Review: Sidi ST Air (£274.99)

What’s good about the Sidi ST Air?

I got these Sidi boots for a long jaunt to Spain last year, in 30oC heat the ventilation system worked brilliantly and my feet were left cool and dry while my companions were riding in buckets of sweat for the entire trip. My feet were always comfortable, even after 10-hour days in the saddle. The supports and fastenings are top-notch. They come with removable arch supports, shock-absorbing heel cups and ankle support braces. And to top it all off they’re incredibly stylish. There has been no sign of wear and tear either, despite the long trips and serious abuse.

And what’s not?

It can be a little fiddly strapping yourself in every time, but you soon get used to it. The only issue I’ve had is that the top of the boot is quite large so it’s a real struggle pulling jeans over them.

Time tested

Eight months/5000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating