Product review: W2 E-MX8 Motocross Boots

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Off-road riding novice, Maria, put these boots to the test on a two day Welsh off-road adventure. 

What’s good?

These boots were comfortable from the first wear, which was surprising considering I was told to “get boots and wear them in” prior to my off-road school (something I didn’t do).

For an amateur off-road rider like myself, they feel heavy-duty and were simple to get on and off with the plastic replaceable buckles. They weren’t too heavy and protected my feet and shins during my two-day BMW Off Road Skills Level One course. I wore them for around seven hours per day and could’ve worn them for another seven if I’d needed to.

My feet also stayed dry and warm throughout the experience. The boots feel really well made and include such features as adjustable plastic straps, an internal steel shank and rubber-moulded soles. The Italian styling also is pleasing to the eye (even if they are due to get mud all over them) and I reckon they’ll last me a good few more off-road schools!


What’s not?

A welcome addition to these boots would be steel toecaps, as the additional ledge they provide on the end of your boot really help you to change gear when stood up on the dirt. Without them, changing up was almost impossible at first and I spent a lot of my first day trundling round in first. A little piece of metal at the end and these boots would win them a 5/5!

Price £184.99
Quality 4/5
Value 4/5

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Maria Vallahis

By Maria Vallahis