151's compression top review

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In winter this tight-fitting base layer gives an extra layer of warmth, whilst in summer it helps keep you cool and allows your leathers to move around freely rather than sticking to sweaty skin.


Wearing the top makes it far easier to get your leathers on and off, which I seem to be constantly doing when club racing. The makers say that the tight fit reduces the build up of lactic acid by compressing the muscles before, during and after any physical exercise.

I honestly can’t say I’ve experienced any benefit here, I just like the fact that they make wearing leathers more comfortable.

  • Tested – 10,000 miles over 12 months
  • Price - £24.99
  • Quality – 3 stars
  • Value – 4 stars

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Adam Child

By Adam Child

Former MCN Road Tester with 15 years road testing experience on all kinds of bikes