Product Review: Maple 1976 Black Kevlar-lined jeans

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Maple 1976 Black Kevlar-lined jeans, £198

Tester: Steve Hunt

Time tested: Three months/500 miles

What’s good? Not all denim is created equally. This is particularly true when looking at riding jeans and their use of Kevlar or aramidic linings. It’s true that you can purchase ‘kevlar’ riding jeans for under £100 but you may be surprised at the level (or lack of) protection that you get for that kind of money. Only Kevlar sold by DuPont can be officially labelled as such and its renowned protection is hard to get at an affordable price.

Maple Jeans were formed a few years ago and have since built a small and loyal following amongst the online biking community, where their latest online crowd-funding campaign reached its money raising goal within 48 hours. Their aim was to bring supreme, stylish and quality riding gear at affordable costs and they’ve achieved it here.

The selvedge denim jeans are made in Britain from Italian 13.5oz denim and are fully lined with official Kevlar. No areas of the jeans’ construction are left free from protection yet the fabric and cut are indistinguishable from a pair of high-end jeans you’ll find for sale for £80 or more on your local high street. Fitted with armour but lacking rivets on the rear as they would scratch your paintwork, these are incredible riding jeans at an excellent price.

What’s not? Kevlar is hot anyway, and fully Kevlar-lined 13.5 oz Selvedge denim is even more so. I wore these in 2°C on a motorway and felt perfectly comfy, but a summer run is going to be a sweaty affair.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5


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Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt