Product Review: Alpinestars Touring winter balaclava

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Alpinestars Touring winter balaclava, £69.99

Tester: Andy Davidson

Time tested: Two months, 1000 miles

What’s good? The Alpinestars balaclava’s fleece lining tucks under your riding jacket to protect the neck and another waterproof material is worn on the outside of the jacket to ensure water doesn’t get through the collar area. It sounds like a faff but it’s not - the outer layer does a brilliant job of repelling water and fits snuggly with a simple drawstring. The nose and mouth vent are well placed and the scarf is comfortable on extra-long rides. It’s a well-made garment and it does a fantastic job of keeping warmth in and water out on long winter rides.

What’s not? The £70 price for a balaclava is pushing the boat out. However, the garment does work, and works well. If your current neck protection works then don’t bother, but if like me you’re constantly searching for a way to keep that nasty draught out, it’s worth sticking your neck out for this one.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

Former MCN Feature writer