Product Review: Oxford Aramid Aqua Hoody (£119.99)

What’s good about the Oxford Aramid Aqua Hoody?

I like the concept of combining casual comfort with crash and weather protection for short-distance urban commuting and the Oxford hoody does just that with abrasion-resistant Aramid fibre, soft CE elbow/shoulder armour and a waterproof membrane beneath a simple black hoody, complete with drawstrings and zip closure. It's a well-made item that excels at looking casual, and would be ideal for younger scooter riders who may be reluctant to wear traditional motorcycle kit.

And what’s not?

By its very nature, this hoody is baggy so I had the overriding feeling that in the event of a crash it would ride up my back and the armour would move out of place, leaving me exposed to injury. The waterproof membrane, although a nice touch, doesn't stop the exterior of the hoody becoming sodden, heavy and cold when it rains. It's not a match for traditional riding kit, but for riders who don't want to be seen in 'proper' kit it's a decent compromise.

Time tested

Nine months/1000 miles


Quality rating


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