Richa TG1 overboot trousers review (£240)

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What’s good about the Richa TG1 overboot trousers?

These are the best off-the-peg leather jeans I have ever seen. You get cooling zips on your thighs, zips to join the jeans to a jacket (all-round or back only), D3O knee armour, elasticated panels on knees, back and hips, Kevlar behind the knees and inside the thigh, pockets, and a cut which goes over your boots. The quality of construction and cut throughout is extraordinary. They look really good on anything from a sportsbike to a custom, and I reckon they’d survive at least one big slide down the road without bursting. They come in short, long and regular lengths, and sizes from 46-62 (50 is 32in waist, 32in leg). I am really impressed. If they fit, I recommend them.

And what’s not?

My legs. My knee to hip length is unusually long and I ordered regular length, which makes them tight on the knees, even with the armour out. Doh. And I can’t see the point of the (removable) waterproof inner lining, which relies on the outside getting wet.

Time tested

Six months/1500 miles


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Rupert Paul

By Rupert Paul