Product Review: Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CiR chest protector (£44.99)

What’s good about the Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CiR chest protector?

In a crash a decade ago I bumped up a ribbed kerb at Snetterton and slid backwards on my front. The chest protector I was wearing at the time took the brunt of the impact. After that, if I ride without a chest protector I feel as naked as I would not wearing a back protector.

This new Alpinestars chest protector is made from a rubbery plastic that moulds to my body shape once it gets warm, so it’s very comfortable and it’s well-vented, so I don’t overheat in the summer. And just like that chest protector did 10 years ago, this one has already saved me in a big, tumbling track crash - all for just 45 quid.  

And what’s not?

The chest protector doesn’t have much bend until it’s warmed-up, so it’s uncomfortable to wear for the first couple of minutes. 

Time tested

Nine months/5000-miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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