Product Review: Alpinestars Bionic back protector (£119.99)

What’s good about the Alpinestars Bionic back protector?

Thankfully I haven’t tested the outright protection capabilities of this back protector by crashing on the road, but I use a very similar version when I ride off road, where I’ve walked away from numerous get-offs. The fit of the Bionic back protector is excellent. Its narrow design means it’s comfortable and doesn’t interfere with my jacket or leathers. It feels reassuringly solid and has plenty of adjustment available depending on whether you are wearing it directly on your skin or over the top of numerous layers during winter riding.

And what’s not?

Six months in and I can’t fault it. The Velcro waist strap still sticks well and the shoulder straps have kept their elasticity. You could argue that it’s expensive because there are definitely cheaper items on the market. But Alpinestars are a premium brand and use technology developed in MotoGP.

Time tested

Six months/7500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating