Product Review: Knox Meta-Sys back protector (£129.99)

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What’s good about the Knox Meta-Sys back protector?

If you’re after a small, light back protector, then this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for great back coverage and serious protection it’s a winner. CE-certified to the higher Level 2, it mixes soft energy-absorbing Nitrex panels on the inside, with a super-tough polypropylene outer shell. It comprises four separate articulated sections and there are two big benefits to this: Firstly, the moving plate sections allow you to move more freely on your bike, and secondly the hard outer allows your jacket to glide over the back protector, rather than rubbing against it. The net result is that once you’re wearing it, you never really notice it again. The range of adjustment in the shoulder straps and waist belt is excellent – and the latter can be adjusted for waist height as well as girth and support tension. The liner is also removable, so that you can wash the bit that rests against your back.

And what’s not?

It feels cumbersome and unnatural when you first put it on, but once you’re riding, you cease to notice it. If, like me, you suffer from cake-retention, then you might find the waist belt a little short – but this will only affect the lardiest of riders. There is an extension panel available, should you need it.

Time tested

Four months/4000 miles


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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland