Product review: PMJ Carolina Jeans

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With 500 miles of use, here’s what I thought of the PMJ Carolina jeans.

What’s good

These stretchy, comfy, straight-cut jeans are perfect for those warmer riding days. They are made from Twaron – the same stuff is used in bullet-proof vests – yet they’re surprisingly light but should still offer decent abrasion resistence. I’ve used these jeans on dual carriageways and in town and they’ve kept me cool. They’re not ones to wear on those frosty-morning starts though. There’s a casual feel to these jeans and a washed-away-style on the pockets and around the knee area. Better still, I look less like a cowgirl than with other trousers as my boots fit underneath with ease. The jeans come with removable armour at the knees and there are pockets to accommodate hip armour if you want more protection. 

What’s not

They’re a bit pricey. I had to recheck the price for this review and couldn’t believe how much they were. You do get what you pay for though and I could basically dodge a bullet in them! An alternative could also be the slightly cheaper PMJ Rider Lady jeans at £159.99. Another downside is sizing. I ordered these jeans in my normal jean size and they are so big you could fit me-and-a-half in them. I would recommend trying a size down.

Price £209.99
Quality 4/5
Value 2/5

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Maria Vallahis

By Maria Vallahis