Glove review: Spidi Fjord H2OUT gloves

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Cost: £89
Still available? Yes.
Miles covered: 2000
Time owned: 4 months

Best thing about it: These are the first waterproof gloves I’ve owned which are actually waterproof. I’ve ridden through typhoon-force rain and come out the other side with bone dry hands. Despite only using them for 2000 miles so far I’ve found the build quality to be top notch. They offer plenty of feel for a thick, winter glove.

Worst thing about it: Despite these being winter gloves, they don’t keep my hands as warm as I’d like. In the depths of winter, even on my short five mile commute to work I dismounted the bike with numb fingers. On longer, cold journeys it’s best to take a break for a few minutes to regain felling in your fingers. 

Stars (out of five): ****

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer