Kit review: Weise Victory gloves

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Weise Victory gloves, £39
Miles covered/time: 1000/two months
What’s good? They look sodding excellent and for the style and the price also offer a surprising level of protection. It’s amazing what a difference having knuckle armour makes to your perceived level of safety, and this seats very neatly on my hands, in the correct area, and with no rubbing. The leather has more than a little give in it, meaning the gloves bed in really quickly. There’s even protection on each of the finger joints, and a tiny scaphoid protector. For £39 pounds you’re getting a classy piece of kit.
What’s not? Strictly speaking, you’ll be needing some wrist protection if you want to prevent the tip of the ulna from being ground in powder in a crash. The leather isn’t the thickest – but that’s a minor niggle on a sub-£40 pair of gloves.
Rating: 4/5 

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott