Kit review: Nankai NRG gloves

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Nankai NRG gloves (no longer imported to the UK)
Miles covered/time:
5000/six years
What’s good? Very comfortable from the word go, plenty of protection, lashings of carbon/Kevlar and they’ve lasted impressively well – six years down the line the colour has gone off a bit but the leather is in top condition and none of the stitching has given way. But forget all that for a second… what I really love about these gloves is the cachet of the iconic Japanese brand (even the packaging Nankai kit comes in is cool). In use, the Nankais give excellent feel for the bike’s controls (I always relish the day I can trade winter gloves for the NRGs for my morning back-road trip to work) and the wrist fastener, with its double Velcro strap, is reassuringly secure.
What’s not? The downside is that we’ve been unable to track down a current UK importer for Nankai kit and it’s a bit inconvenient having to go to Japan to find it. However, an internet search will show up people selling new and nearly new Nankai gear privately. The asking price for gloves is about £90 but you might be able to pick up a bargain if you are lucky with the auction.
Contact: Search on the web
Verdict: 4/5

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor