Glove review: Alpinestars GP Pro

Alpinestars GP Pro gloves, £229.95

Miles covered/time:
5500/three months

What's good? I absolutely love these gloves. This is my second set, and the previous ones lasted me for the best part of 40,000 miles.

They didn’t look too pretty by then, and had a slightly dubious whiff about them, but they were still going strong, with just one unraveling seam in one finger, and the erosion of the synthetic suede over-palm, being the impetus to get a new pair.

They’re massively durable for a ‘race glove’, and I wear them rain or shine, only resorting to waterproof or warm gloves when the temperatures get frosty. They’re secure, extremely comfortable, have the valuable pinky finger bridge, and offer excellent protection. They’re impressively good gloves.

What's not? The middle right finger – no sniggering at the back – is tighter than all the other ones, and no, the defect is not my hand. I had the same issue with my last pair of these, albeit on a different finger.

After about 1,000 miles they’ve bedded in enough that I don’t really notice it anymore, but it’s certainly worth trying a few pairs on before you buy.

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Rating: 5/5

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