Product Review: Bering RX19 gloves

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Bering RX19 gloves, £109.99

Time tested: Four months

What’s good? These gloves are made from supremely soft goat leather and when combined with the solid feel of the knuckle and finger protection this means that these have fast become my go-to gloves when I get the chance to make a foray onto the track. I've been lucky enough to avoid having a spill in these yet, so whilst these aren't 'personally tested', the reassuring feel of safety is important to me. The cuff fastener too is extremely tough and feels tight and secure. Plus - even with my sweaty, chubby hands - the ventilation has proven itself to be excellent for a full day’s riding.

What’s not? If I were being uber-critical, I'd prefer a slightly shorter fit as these tend to fall a little too long up the cuff, but I'm aware that this is personal preference.  I’ve had to choose a medium glove as the small were too tight, but this means that I’ve struggled a little with extraneous bits at the end of each finger.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 4/5

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Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt