Product Review: Alpinestars Yari Drystar gloves (£74.99)

What’s good about the Alpinestars Yari Drystar gloves?

Off-road gloves are invariably lightweight to give the rider the grip and feel they want, but this means those gloves offer no weather protection and your hands can get wet and cold. These Alpinestars Drystar gloves are designed to change all that. With good protection thanks to reinforced knuckles and leather palms they go some way in delivering what they promise - but they aren’t perfect. I’ve used them in a number of UK off-road rallies including the Hafren and the Cambrian, which were both hit by torrential storms. The gloves helped me get to the finish, which some of my rivals didn’t manage because of frozen hands. Mine were still wet and cold – but without doubt a lot warmer than if I’d been wearing standard motocross gloves.

And what’s not?

Although I’ve used them in torrential rain, it hasn’t taken long for my hands to get wet. It’s hard to know if the rain is penetrating the outer shell or I’m just getting wet with rain running down from my arms and into the cuff as they are quite short. On a plus side, even when wet they retain a reasonable level of insulation.

Time tested

18 months/1000 miles


Quality rating


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