What's good about the Knox Handroid?

Time tested: 1700 miles/two months

What’s good? The Knox Handroid is certainly a glove that looks the part. The twist-action Boa lacing closure at the wrist and exo skeleton structure along the fingers look seriously cool. I was initially sceptical, but the closer you look the more you notice just how many intricate safety features the Handroid has.

Not only that but they have been very comfortable on my daily commute, too. A leather seam also runs up the index finger on both gloves to neaten up the stitching. Though this wasn’t designed to do anything else, it also works well as a visor wipe in the rain.

What’s not? The Boa lacing system is easy enough to operate, but Velcro would be a lot quicker to use when putting them on. This design also makes the wrist of the glove quite bulky.

Contact: www.planet-knox.com

Value: 4/5
Quality: 5/5