Product Review: Spidi Carbo 1 leather gloves (£129.99)

What’s good about the Spidi Carbo 1 leather gloves?

What a brilliant pair of gloves. Spidi have always made fabulously comfortable and well put together hand protection, and these mid-level Carbo 1 items are no exception. Straight from the packet they were instantly comfortable, feeling soft but solid, and bedding in to a perfect fit after just a couple of rides. The outer is a mix of cowhide (on the back of the hand) and goat leather (on the palm), while there’s carbon fibre knuckle protection, and foam pads on the fingers. There’s a decent scaphoid pad, and extra layers of leather protection on high-wear, high-impact areas. The wrist closure is Velcro, as is the main cuff – both of which have worn really well, with no furring or degradation. In use they feel superbly comfortable, while they can be a little warm on very hot days, when you might crave a bit more ventilation. For a mid-price race glove, they really are impressive – I’d happily replace them like for like.

And what’s not?

There’s nothing negative to report so far. They’re wearing very well, so this test is likely to continue for another 10,000 miles, or until something fails.

Time tested

10 months/10,000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating