Product Review: Arc-on Apex race gloves (£180)

What’s good about the Arc-on Apex race gloves?

Fit and feel. The all-new, all-roo Apex race glove, designed by London-based leather manufacturer Arc-on, is rammed with armour and all the usual selling points of a pricey modern glove - but you wouldn’t know it. They are supremely, old-fashioned comfortable. Forcefield’s PVC Nitrile armour, normally found in leathers, transfers to a glove for the first time to protect the back of the hand but simply does not interfere with the function of the glove. The external finger seams and double-cuff closure system, plus the brilliant way they connect you to the bike, remind me of Kushitani in their heyday.

And what’s not?

An Aramid/Kevlar lining makes this a fairly warm glove to wear on a hot trackday, despite vented finger armour.

Time tested

One month


Quality rating


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