Product review: RST Thermotech Heated Gloves

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Cold fingers are a thing of the past for Simon Relph, he's given the RST Thermotech gloves a five star rating and here's why.

What’s good?

I don’t know anyone who enjoys cold hands riding a bike, heated grips are a common cure, but unfortunately, they don’t help me as I have a few old bikes running on 6 volt systems.

This is why I invested in a pair of RST Thermotech gloves. The first thing I noticed about these gloves when I put them on is how super soft the lining is, they also have really good feel when holding the grips on the bike, for me an absolute must. The best bit though is when you switch them on, absolute luxury

With three setting, they last just over 2 hours on full heat, and about 3 hours on the lowest heat from fully charged. I tend to use them on low which is plenty warm enough. If you were doing a long trip then a spare pair of batteries are available for £24.99. Even with them switched off, these are still a warm glove. They offer good protection, made from cow hide, with a double layer on the palm.

What’s not?

The cuffs on the gloves are bigger than most as they house the 7.4V Lithium Polymer battery, so if like me you put your gloves under your jacket, then you might want to take your jacket along when buying a pair to make sure they fit under.

Price £189.99
Quality 5/5
Value 5/5

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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

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