Helmet review: AGV GP Tech

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Product name: AGV GP Tech, £399.99
Miles covered/time: 5000/one year
Contact: www.moto-direct.co.uk

What’s good? Best thing about it: It’s a really close fitting lid, but not uncomfortably so, and as a result it feels like an absolute featherweight and the wind noise for a racing helmet is good quality. It’s performed perfectly from day one, survived a 2,300 mile two-day trip to Barcelona, been taken on a variety of foreign launches in my suitcase and numerous track days.   

What’s not? Worst thing about it: I’ve broken it, sir. School-boy low-side at the Gooseneck and Cadwell Park has put a few ding in the top – they must have come from the pansy rolly-pollies I did in the grass but I came away with no injuries. Plain design looks cooler than larey Rossi replicas. 

Stars (out of five): *****

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull