Shoei Raid II review

I've owned my Shoei Raid II helmet now for a little over 2 years.

I bought the helmet after reading the Ride magazine helmet review.

It was the only independent review at the time and featured a varied range of helmets available to UK riders.

The Raid II scored very highly in the impact and abrasion tests and earned a "Ride recommended triangle" as a best buy, if my memory serves me correct. In daily use the Pinlock visor insert has been like a breath of fresh air.

I ride throughout the year in all weathers and can honestly say that the visor has never misted up with the pinlock visor fitted. Probably the only noticeable benefit to the user. However, on the negative side, the Raid II is an incredibly noisy helmet.

I now wear ear plugs daily to combat the effects of the airflow through the helmet. Any speed over 40mph is way above acceptable limits, it even drowns out the sound from my sports can! Another negative is the helmet finish.

The silver paint has chipped in several places despite never being dropped.

A poor show for a helmet that retails for over £220. Overall, I'm disappointed with the Shoei although, thankfully, I've never had to put it fully to the test and I suppose it could be argued that until that day comes I can't properly evaluate the helmet accurately.

I am reluctant to fork out £200+ again on a replacement helmet that will look tired and past its best after only a few months use and, as a result, will probably not buy Shoei again.

I am most impressed with the feel of the Arai helmets - friends swear by their build quality, comfort and longevity.

I am also swayed by the Schuberth range, particularly the S1 due to it's (advertised) very low acoustics, but it seems, from the few reviews I've read, that there must be some Quality Assurance issues at the factory as some S1s are very quiet but others aren't with several users complaining of poorly fitting visors.

I suppose it'll all come down to the feel of the lid as I try it on, as I presume it is for most people. The quest for a new lid continues...

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dave davis

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