Goggle review: Aviator Retro Pilot T2

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Aviator Retro Pilot T2 goggles, £95 (dark lenses extra £25)
Miles covered/time:
900/two months  
What’s good? They look fantastic, especially with the optional dark lenses fitted. Provided you remember to pull them on when setting off (many’s the time I’ve had to suddenly go no-handed on the dual carriageway when I realise I’m crying) they’re terribly comfortable once on the move, creating a reasonable seal (see below). They’re lightweight and are simple to clean, too. All in all, a really decent investment if you wear open-faced helmets a lot, and care about the way you look. I must admit I do spend affair amount of time checking out my reflection in the polished metal tank when I’m wearing these on my Royal Enfield Clubman.
What’s not? Although these are designed to be worn over spectacles, doing so can sometimes leave the tiniest of gaps between cheek and goggle, allowing freak puffs of air to get in, a bit like the optician’s glaucoma test. Fake hinges.
Contact: www.davida.co.uk
Rating: 4/5 

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott