Kit review: Arai RX-7 GP Hiroshi Aoyama replica

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Arai RX-7 GP Hiroshi Aoyama replica, £589.99

Miles covered/time: 5000 miles/seven race weekends/one year

What’s good? The fit. No matter what anyone says, some helmets will only suit some head shapes. I’ve never fitted in an Arai properly – but the RX7 is a subtly different shape to preceding models, and gives me a touch more room around my mouth (although conversely I needed thicker cheekpads, but it’s still roomier at the front).

Once it’s on, there’s no pressure points or loose spots – it holds my head just right. Fit and finish is good – it has survived three minor bumps without damaging the construction. The Aoyama rep paint is simple but stands out well too.

What’s not? If you wear another brand of lid, you’ll notice the extra weight Arais carry, though it is balanced well and I’m yet to suffer from it.

It’s also an expensive helmet, but I’ve seen the life-changing effects of horrific head injuries on a friend – it’s hard to justify scrimping on my safety having seen that. RX7s seem popular at bike meets, so I’m not the only one. Plain ones are cheaper at £524.99, and technically identical.


Rating: 4/5

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging