Helmet review: Arai RX7 GP

Arai RX7 GP helmet, £699.99
Miles covered/time:
40,000/three years

What's good? Helmets are a very personal choice, but I’ve been wearing Arai for 19 years – not for any irrational brand-loyalty reason, but simply because they fit my head like a, er, glove.

The GP is the range-topping Arai – carbon aside – and with the exception of the minor demerits below, I have nothing but praise for it.

The excellent venting ensures that your head keeps cool on even the hottest days, while the efficiency of the closures means that you can properly stop the airflow in winter, and prevent your brain from freezing.

The lining is durable, comfortable, removable and washable; the visor system is simple, easy to use, and effective, and spare parts are effortlessly easy to source. Moreover, I love the look of it, and have never found another more comfortable helmet.

What's not? The large top vents that run over the top of the helmet are somewhat fragile, especially around the rear spoiler, and can easily get cracked by even the most innocuous knock.

The clear front vent also gets full of dead insects, and is almost impossible to get clean again. The only other grumble is the price, which has gone up dramatically over the last two years.

Contact: www.whyarai.com 
Rating: 5/5