Helmet Review: Arai Tour-X3 helmet

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Arai Tour-X3 helmet, £349.99 (superseded by Tour-X4, £439.99)

Time tested: 10,000 miles/two years

What’s good? It's one helmet for everything. There's a detachable peak for off-roading, which fits over the visor, still allowing it to open and close. You can also fit the peak without the visor if goggles are your preference. Without the peak it's a road or track helmet, with ACU approval. Because there's a new X-4 version with minor improvements like extra chin vents, the X-3 can be picked up for £349, down from £399, from sites like www.modulemoto.co.uk

What's not: Arai is sometimes accused of not moving with the times, for example by giving its helmets a new quick-release visor or chin strap system. Personally I like the solid simplicity of its designs, including the good-old-fashioned D-ring chin strap fastener. That said, I wouldn't recommend swapping this visor against the clock. You have to remove and replace four plastic bolts, using a coin as an improvised tool. There are two pairs of visor hinge covers, one for use with the peak. That creates the potential to misplace a pair. It's not the lightest of helmets, at 1680 grammes, or the quietest. Overall it feels like a premium product, though.  

Contact: www.whyarai.co.uk

Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5

Get yours at MCNshop.com

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell