Shoei GT-Air

This is in response to the write up in 09/11/13 MCN of the Shoei GT-Air. I have the exact same lid as featured.

Although this is a good review, regardless of the after issues. I believe this article doesn't do the lid justice.

I've always spent around £350/£400 on lids and this is by far the best.

My friends and I went for a 160 mile ride around Devon and Cornwall over August bank holiday weekend. This was the first time I wore the lid.

I purposely didn't wear ear plugs to see if it was quieter than my previous lid(s). It was, massively. After blatting around the countryside roads for a couple of hours I had no ringing at all.

The integral black visor is awesome. When we stopped my pal said he was getting pee'd off because I was leaving him behind through the overcast roads. Simply because I was flicking the black visor up, whereas he had just a black visor and was clearly struggling to adjust to the changing light conditions.

The neck and chin curtain make the lid a really snug fit around the neck, reducing wind noise which works hand in hand with the air vents.

These vents are the only I've had in a lid which let air through, rather than just increasing the wind noise! Cracking!

Mega chuffed with this lid! Take a bow Shoei engineers, there's been a lot of thought gone into production of this lid. Plus the paint job looks sick!

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