RiDE review: Lazer Monaco Pure Carbon

This is super light for a flip-front lid – as light as most top-end full-face sports helmets. It’s made of carbonfibre, with large areas exposed beneath the lacquer to show the weave (including the logo on the back). There’s a red reflector on the back – a nice touch.

It’s well vented, mist-free and very comfortable. It’s stable on all bikes at all speeds and quiet most of the time, though if you tilt your head down at some speeds it does whistle slightly. The liner is soft and comfy – you can fitthe ear pads or leave them out if fitting bulky intercom speakers. The flip mechanism is excellent.

There’s no drop-down sun visor – instead this helmet’s unique feature is that the visor is a Transitions lens that automatically goes dark in the sun. It doesn’t overreact and darken in response to headlights at night. It’s slow to lighten, so it doesn’t react in very short tunnels but does clear in long ones.

Overall this is a beautifully made, well designed and refined flip-front helmet.

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Lazer Monaco Pure Carbon

Price: £379.99

Stability:  8/10
Noise:  7/10
Interior:  6/10
Vents: 7/10
Vision: 9/10
Sun visor: 10/10
Flip action: 9/10
Finish: 9/10

Total: 65/80

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