Product Review: Shark Skwal (£199.99)

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What’s good about the Shark Skwal?

I’ve had various Shark lids going back to 1996 when my brother bought me a Foggy replica as a wedding present, and as with all my other Sharks this one fitted perfectly from day one without the need for any breaking in. It comes with a Pinlock anti-mist visor insert as standard, a drop-down sun visor and a natty ratchet-type fastener that is easy to use – much less fiddly than the traditional D-ring fastener. What makes this lid unique are the LED lights at various points, which can be set to stay on constantly or to flash. I didn’t quite understand the point of these until I rode home in the dark for the first time and when I arrived home my other half said I looked like a Christmas tree. This help with standing out from traffic can only be a good thing when riding through winter in the dark and gloom.

And what’s not?

There really isn’t much to criticise about the lid. The outer shell is very big and it looks massive on my small head – it would also save weight if there were a smaller shell for smaller head sizes. Also, there’s no obvious indication that the LEDs are fully charged.

Time tested

Five months/1500 miles


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