Nexx XG100 Bolt helmet review (£199.99)

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What’s good about the Nexx XG100 Bolt helmet?

It’s certainly individual. In both looks and design the XG is like no other helmet I’ve used before. With studs for a sun peak and a clip-on visor the Nexx XG comes with both, making it versatile and unique. The peak isn’t big enough to catch the wind at motorway speeds but provides excellent protection from a low sun (on bikes with a sporty riding position the peak may interfere with your vision). The visor is rubber edged and when lowered it seals out the wind quietly and effectively. The lining is plush, removable, washable and, due to the deep chin bar, I feel cosseted and well protected. The XG100 is very well finished for the price and there are six contemporary colourschemes to choose from.

And what’s not?

I find it impossible to raise or lower the visor with one hand so any adjustments have to be made while I’m stationary. The small visor aperture can feel slightly claustrophobic and isn’t big enough for standard motocross goggles. If you’re a spectacle wearer like me unclipping/reclipping the visor every time you put on and remove the helmet takes inconvenience to a whole new level - but if you’re sold on the XG100’s unique appearance you might just about find it OK.

Time tested

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