Product review: Dexter Optimus Flash Helmet

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Ali has worn this great value lid for over 2000 miles and here's her thoughts.

What’s good?

At £94.99 this lid, from new to the UK brand Dexter, is great value with many features you’d expect to find on lids that are twice the price. I recently travelled to Ireland, on a touring holiday, deciding to break a lid in on such a trip could have been a bit daft but from first wear it was really comfortable. The lining, which is both removable and washable, is plush and where other cheaper lids have a tendency to feel scratchy this doesn’t.

Vents and integral visor are easy to operate with a gloved hand, as is the ratchet style buckle. It comes with an anti-fog Pinlock insert, again a feature that you’d not expect from a lid for this price, and it’s a great addition.

What’s not?

My lid size is always a small but the sizing of the Optimus is slightly out and I’ve had to have a medium. If I was going to be really picky the integral dark visor isn’t as good as it could be, on really bright, sunny days it could do with being a shade darker.

Price £94.99
Quality 5/5
Value 5/5

While Ali has been testing the Dexter.....

Our MotoGP Reporter, Simon Patterson, has been testing the MT Blade, it's a similarly priced lid, so a great alternative.

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