Product Review: Arai MXV Motocross Helmet

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Six months of muddy fun and this Arai MXV Motocross lid is proving to be top notch.

What’s good?

This is the third Arai off-road helmet I’ve had and it’s largely a case of evolution rather than revolution. With each model, the paint schemes get more radical and the lining becomes plusher, but what doesn’t change is the high quality feel and brilliant fit for my XS size head. Every time I put the helmet on it gives an assuring feeling – it’s a product that is designed to be comfortable to wear and ultimately protect to the very highest level.

What’s not?

At £499.99, it’s one of the most expensive off-road helmets around, but on the plus side it will last and can be dismantled and cleaned easily. It is also one of the heavier off-road helmets available, with some on the market being disconcertingly light. While the Arai is heavy, it is incredibly well balanced, which means it spreads its weight well to help prevent fatigue.

Price £499.99
Quality 4/5
Value 4/5

Check out the lid in action.....

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider