Product review: Wurth Brake Cleaner/Air Intake Cleaner

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Product: Wurth Brake Cleaner/Air Intake Cleaner £4.99/can
Miles covered/time:
Three races/three months

What’s good? They work – when it comes to the carburettors and brake calipers on my TZR250 race bike, I don’t want to mess around with anything that might damage it or impede performance.

My calipers have no dust seals to minimise brake drag so it’s imperative that they’re clean – this does a grand job of blasting dirt out.

The intake cleaner cuts through oily premix residue in the carbs too.

What’s not: Not much – they’re not cheap and the chemicals are pretty nasty if you get them on your skin, but then that’s advised against anyway.

Contact: or local bike shops
Rating: 4/5

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging