Jacket review: Held Rezzato

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Held Rezzato £749.99
Miles covered/time:
2500/four months

What’s good? It’s leather, but waterproof. It’s not sorcery – just effective use of the Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable membrane. I’ve been lucky enough to only get caught in the rain three or four times, but the jacket hasn’t leaked.

Remove the insulating liner and it’s cool enough for really hot days, as the Gore-Tex does an effective job of letting the jacket breathe.

It’s reassuringly solid-feeling – the initially stiff armour softens once it’s been on a few minutes.

What’s not? The Gore-Tex lock-out zip. Apparently Gore-Tex spent £2m designing the freezer bag-like water-tight fastening so it wouldn’t need lubricating. It does (I used silicone lubricant), and you need to pay attention to seating it correctly before zipping up, or it opens up.

If you do it right, it works, but you need to be shown how to do it and take care over it.

Mine also locked on when I tried to remove the jacket – when it freed off, the zipper material had been nicked by the zip getting stuck. To me it feels like a gimmick causing more issues than it solves. You can live with it, just about.

And while we’re criticising… £750 for a leather jacket?!

Contact: www.held-uk.co.uk.
Rating: 3/5

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging