Bering Alias jacket and trousers

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Bering Alias jacket and trousers, £378.99 and £257.99

Miles covered/time: 1500/10 months

What's good: This suit really excels in winter, with the lining in place it is like putting on a duvet, it is not only warm, but is also very comfortable whilst at the same time not too bulky (one of my pet hates is putting a set of waterproofs, getting on the bike and then discovering your movement is heavily restricted). The jacket has the Bering ADT (Adjusting Dynamic Technology) system, meaning in layman’s terms that you can adjust it to fit perfectly. When I am on a bike I like to be able to move around freely, and that is exactly what you get, freedom to move even with the shoulders, elbows and back protectors in place.

This Bering Alias suit carries that well known Gore-Tex logo, keeping you dry without ending up soaked by sweat on the inside like non Gore-Tex waterproofing systems. With the Micro-polar lining removed it makes a great suit for the kind of wet summer weather we have had lately.

What's not: £636.98 is enough to pay for a jacket and trousers, but saying that it is good quality.


Rating: 4/5

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