Product review: Hein Gericke Tricky IV jacket & trousers

Hein Gericke Tricky IV jacket & trousers, £349.99 and £249.99
Miles covered/time:
2400/three weeks

What’s good: Leatherman… Saab… North Face and now… Hein Gericke. The German outfit joins the list of brands that I trust and respect. I took this suit to Switzerland this summer and it withstood five days of torrential rain.

My equally Gore-Tex-equipped boots and gloves – from big-name rival firms – both failed. Cheap bike clothing for sale. While my hands and feet were cold and wet, my chest and legs were bone dry throughout.

Not only that, but the double zip system is watertight and reassuring, the easily removable armour and back protector are extremely impressive, and the subtle but solid air vents are remarkably efficient at passing a cool breeze through the kit.

The suit looks like what it is: functional, capable, professional.

What’s not: Realistically, I couldn’t spend £600 on a textile suit. My first all-weather kit – a Revit Warp combo – cost less than half that. But, having worn Hein Gericke I would recommend doing everything in your power to afford a set.

Look after them well and you’ll have years and years of safe, comfortable and dry biking ahead of you.

Rating: 5/5

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