Held Rano jacket/Tempest trousers

Held Rano jacket/Tempest trousers, £54.99/39.99

Trevor Franklin

Miles covered/time: 8000/14 months

What’s good: Impressively waterproof Nylon with Polyamide backing, easy to get on and the Held jacket has Velcro and elasticated adjustment to prevent flap-slap. There’s also a foldaway hood in the collar to keep my bald pate dry at trackside. The Held trousers feature elasticated waist with Velcro and zip fitment on the ankle area. Mine are a size larger than normal to enable an easy fit over leathers or thermal touring suit.

The real beauty about this kit is its brilliant yellow-fluorescent colour scheme, which has saved me on numerous occasions and clears traffic in the same way a bad fart clears a crowd. The design is modern, too, as opposed to a Sam Browne belt. On the odd occasion, at the side of the road, police officers have enquired where they can buy the same jacket and trousers.

What’s not: Held equipment has an excellent reputation for quality and, as I’ve just found out, is desirable to thieving twit-winkers – these are brand new replacements and the reason for their very clean look.

Contact: www.held.de

Rating: 5/5