Product Review: Alpinestars Tech Chest Guard

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Alpinestars Tech Chest Guard £44.99

Time used:
Six years

What’s good: I’m so used to wearing a chest protector now that if I forget to use it, I go into a blind panic, especially if I’m racing. I feel as naked without it as I do without a back protector. I use it in my race leathers on-track mainly, but also in two-piece leathers, if I’m on a long trip. It’s been useful on more than one occasion, most notably when I left the Bombhole corner at Snetterton backwards on my front (it’s a long story) and bumped over the kerb - leaving a big dent in the chest protector. I walked away unscathed.

What’s not: If you’ve got tight-fitting leathers or have put on a few pounds the chest protector can feel restrictive.


Rating: 5/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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