Product Review: Held Stint leather jacket (£419.99)

What’s good about the Held Stint?

It's a light, short, no-nonsense cowhide jacket that fits snugly and has the inbuilt flexibility to be comfortable in upright and sporting riding positions – on any type of bike. Collar and cuffs are soft neoprene, so no chafing either, while stretchy Kevlar panels and zipped vents in chest, sleeves and back make it relatively cool on hot days. The Stint zips to the equally stretchy and comfortable Turn leather trousers (£349.99).

And what’s not?

Held's SAS-TEC elbow and shoulder armour is fitted but there's no back protector as standard. I love the Stint's simplicity but you do need to carry a waterproof top around with you.

Time tested

Five months


Quality rating


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