Dainese Trickster race suit

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‘It’s one of the comfiest suits I’ve ever worn’

Time tested Two years/5000 miles

What’s good
Quite a lot. These are Dainese’s kangaroo skin offerings and as such are light, supple and very comfortable. Designed primarily for trackdays I’ve also used the suit for many long, 12-hour days in the saddle, too. 

Comfort is very impressive, especially because at 6ft 2in I’m at the top of their size range, but the number of stretch panels mean they can accommodate a range of body shapes. The lining is excellent – it’s so slippery that it allows you to move around with ease and despite being sweated in for the last two years, the anti-bacterial ingredient means it hasn’t developed any smells. (Yes it has – says everyone at MCN).

It’s one of the most comfortable suits that I’ve used and even after 3000 miles and countless days on track it still cleans up well. Best of all, the suit has recently been reduced in price, meaning you can pick it up from Dainese’s website for £1100.

What’s not
It’s a great suit for trackdays because it is so light, but I wouldn’t use it for racing as I’m not sure how well the leathers would stand up to multiple crashes. It doesn’t have elbow sliders and I managed to hole the elbow dragging it on a kerb, but that’s more down to me being a silly git.

Price £1499
Contact www.dainese.com

Quality 5/5
Value 3/5

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Matt Wildee

By Matt Wildee

Former MCN Senior Editor