Product review: Spada Stelvio Adventure suit

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Time tested: 3500miles/three months

What’s good? I was a bit nervous at first – would a jacket that looks like stone washed denim a) still look good after some decent miles, and b) reduce me to an outcast for wearing double denim? Thankfully, it still looks fine and I have yet to be banished. The thermal qualities of the jacket are excellent, especially with the 150g thermal liner. I’ve ridden in temperatures hovering around freezing and the suit has kept me warm.

The jacket and trousers are decked out with pockets (which are waterproof) and the leg pockets have a pleat that stops your possessions falling out if you leave them open. Both the jacket and trousers have a non-removable waterproof liner, which obviously works a treat as I’ve been caught in some dreadful rain. The liner is separated from the thermal liner too, so it’s virtually impossible for water to make its way up your leg from your boots. Sadly this system hasn’t been matched on the sleeves though, as water can make its way onto the thermal jacket liner if you’re not careful.

What’s not? There are three sets of vents for warm weather, but the magnets on the front ones aren’t strong enough to keep them open. Also, I could just be unlucky, but the leg material ripped (where it stretches around adventure boots) after about 3000 miles. Spada replaced the trousers and I’m sure they’d look after you the same.

Price: £339.98

Quality: 4/5
Value: 4/5 


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