Tom Tom Rider Spares Fiasco

TomTom Spares fiasco.

In 2006 I bought the TomTom Rider to use on my HD Ultra. It was over £300 & since then I have spent about another £150plus on maps & downloads.

As a gadget it is great until that is the bike mounting bracket cracked cutting off the power. Despite its 2005 intro date TomTom have produced the Rider 2 which has a different mounting bracket & has stopped supplying spares for the Rider 1 bracket.

They suggest I get one from amazon or Ebay. What I now have is a two year old GPS system which I cannot use on my bike as I can't get a spare bracket from the manufacturer.

Ok I can still use it in a car but if I had wanted one for the car I could have spent half the money. Their online customer contact center is worse than useless.

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Pete Ward

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By Pete Ward