Product review: Wunderlich Power-SportErgo handlebars

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Wunderlich Power-SportErgo handlebars, £485.74
Miles covered/time: 7500 miles/six months
What’s good? This adjustable set of yokes and handlebars transformed a BMW K1300R from merely comfortable to perfect, and it looked beautiful. I was so comfortable I was able to ride from Ljubljana in Slovenia to Calais in 13 hours and I only stopped for fuel and food. Although they are expensive at £485 and they do need a longer set of K1300S throttle cables (£29.90) to fit, the change to the bike is superb. They adjust for reach and angle using a ratchet system. All you need to do is loosen some allen bolts and find the perfect position for you. It’s a major job to fit them and will take a dealer around four hours.
What’s not? Nothing apart from the price.  
Rating: 5/5

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter