Product review: Silkolene Fuchs Wash Off motorcycle cleaner

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Silkolene Fuchs Wash Off motorcycle cleaner, £6.99
Time used:
Four full-on, deep washes (four weeks)

What’s good? It doesn’t corrode exposed aluminium. That may not sound like the most important thing in the world, but 52 Sunday washes a year can soon make your downpipes look like they’ve been dredged out of a canal.

Fuchs Wash Off makes do without any particularly aggressive chemicals and still manages to loosen most dirt and grime. A quick sponge and a blast with the pressure washer and you’re done.

What’s not? A bottle lasted me about four washes, but I live in a field surrounded by livestock and mud (or rather, that’s where my house is – I don’t live in a yurt or anything).

I’d have liked it to last longer, but that’s being unfairly demanding. It’s not a miracle product, so you’ll need to use another product to properly recover pipes and exposed metal, but it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Excellent.

Rating: 5/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel